“I am very proud, revengeful,
ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have
thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape,
or time to act them in.” 
― William Shakespeare, Hamlet
 Lucrezia Teresa de la Cruz Inés Alvarado Menéndez is the only child and daughter between and his wife Concepción Menéndez, and is the maternal half-sister to Valerio.  

Lu has had obsessionally love for her childhood friend Eltanin Acheron while molesting her half-brother Valerio secretly.  

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Appearance Edit

Lu takes after her mother in appearance being mirror images of each other. Lu naturally has icy blonde hair but she dyed it a brunette color to avoid the "stupid dumb blonde stereotypes". She also has almond shaped brown eyes, a prefect nose (she had a nose job), flawless skin, and a tall, striking figure.

Cat is the archetypal cold, ice princess whose opulent bedroom is a cold, dark lair decorated in royal blue and silver with crystal embellishments. When she's not wearing black, gray or other dark, muted colors, she occasionally wears icy blue.

Piercings Edit

  • Lu has both her ears pierced.

Personality Edit

Lu's personality is a very complex and elusive one. The few who know the real her believe she is an emotionally unstable psychopath (possibly with borderline personality disorder, even though 'psychopath' does not apply to people with only this disorder). She's extremely manipulative and callous. Her charming and brilliant persona seduces everyone around her. Although she's very intelligent, she lacks empathy, sympathy and a conscience. She is also completely self-absorbed. She is referred to as a bulimic on several occasions.

Even before the events of the movie, Lu was already accustomed to destroying her fellow peers' lives and using sex as a means to control the men in her entourage, but still maintaining that she is a virgin and is planning to wait until marriage. Though Lu is self-obsessed (which may be a symptom of her borderline personality disorder), she still has had feelings for a few men in her life, such as Eltanin Acheron and .

Magical abilities and skills Edit

Powers Edit

  • Sharpness Manipulation: Lu can control sharpness in any object they touch, either imbuing or taking the quality of sharpness away: sharp edges cut better, while non-edged surfaces, objects, like hands, can be imbued to cut through nearly anything. She can imbue an item as a trap, such as making a doorknob cut anyone who tries to open it, or remove sharpness from things, turning knives and other edged weapons into awkward bludgeons against her.
    • Can make anything a lethal weapon.
    • Cannot be cut by anything if she does not wish to be.
    • Sharpness Inducement: She can induce sharpness in target, regardless of how blunt it began, in various ways from actually sharpening the edge to creating a field of energy that causes the target to cut.

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Lu Alvarado/relationships

Etymology Edit

  • Lucrezia is the Italian form of Lucretia is the feminine form of the Roman family name Lucretius, possibly from Latin lucrum "profit, wealth". In Roman legend Lucretia was a maiden who was raped by the son of the king of Rome. This caused a great uproar among the Roman citizens, and the monarchy was overthrown. This name was also borne by a saint and martyr from Spain.
  • Teresa is a form of Theresa used in several languages. Theresa is from the Spanish and Portuguese name Teresa. It was first recorded as Therasia, being borne by the Spanish wife of Saint Paulinus of Nola in the 4th century. The meaning is uncertain, but it could be derived from Greek θερος (theros) meaning "summer", from Greek θεριζω (therizo) meaning "to harvest", or from the name of the Greek island of Therasia (the western island of Santorini).
    • Saint Teresa of Ávila was a 16th-century Spanish nun who reformed the Carmelite monasteries and wrote several spiritual books. It was also borne by the Albanian missionary Saint Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), better known as Mother Teresa, who worked with the poor in India. She adopted the name in honour of the French saint Thérèse of Lisieux, who is the patron of missionaries.
  • de la Cruz is the Spanish cognate of Delacroix means "of the cross" in French. It denoted one who lived near a cross symbol or near a crossroads.
  • Inés is the Spanish form of Agnes which is the latinized form of the Greek name ‘Αγνη (Hagne), derived from Greek ‘αγνος (hagnos) meaning "chaste". Saint Agnes was a virgin martyred during the persecutions of the Roman emperor Diocletian. The name became associated with Latin agnus "lamb", resulting in the saint's frequent depiction with a lamb by her side. Due to her renown, the name became common in Christian Europe.
  • Alvarado is from a Spanish place name, possibly derived from Spanish alba "white".
  • Menéndez means "son of Menendo" in Spanish, the given name Menendo being a medieval Spanish form of Hermenegildo is the Spanish and Portuguese form of a Visigothic name meaning "complete sacrifice", from the Germanic elements ermen "whole, entire" and gild "sacrifice, value". It was borne by a 6th-century saint, the son of Liuvigild the Visigothic king of Hispania.

Trivia Edit

  • She is associated with IX (9) which is in reference to the Tarot card The Hermit.
  • She speaks Russian, French and Vietnamese.
  • She is bulimic.
  • She is also addicted to alcohol and cocaine.  
  • Lucrezia's favorite animals are otters.
  • Her favorite color is orange.
  • Her favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn and her favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • She's been taking birth control pills since she was 15 years old.
  • She wanted to take a year off school to teach English in South Asia.  
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