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  • Her first novel is Kafka, her debut novel selling 500,000 copies released when she was just a teenager.
  • Her second novel is Dear Carathis. It's about Cara who's father died when she was young and a mother who abandons her when she marries a young inventor.
  • Her fourth novel is Black Box, it's about a orphan named Inana longing for her father at war, she later discover's his death during the Assyrian Genocide. It is based during the Turkish War of Independence. It is filled with her longing for a father.
  • Her third novel is Resentments is a novel that actually has strong comedic tones with "a trick behind closed doors."
  • Her fifth novel is called Marianne, the plot revolves around the young novelist Jade who realizes that the characters she writes in her horror novels are also in the real world.
  • Her sixth novel is called The Serpent's Egg, called her most terrifying novel.
  • Her seven novel is The Lepidoptera, her most well-known novel novel details the relationship between a Serial Killer mother known by her monitor Lepida by how she leaves her victims with a butterfly in there mouth and her son, the protagonist who is disgusted yet empathetic with his mother and her actions.
  • Her eight novel is called Industrial Lolita which is her most experimental and most autobiographical, based on her early childhood. She actually wrote the novel before Kafka as therapy.
  • Her ninth novel is Midnight Oil and the Dream Stick is about a WWI veteran and Constable Freddie Jack Joffre and him slowly losing his mind during a case and his drug addiction.      
  • Her tenth novel is called The Mysterious Housewife revolves around a family who is grieving over their mother's recent suicide. They hired as a housekeeper to upkeep the house, which has been thrown into disarray. Estelle, will do anything that her employer orders her to do, except smiling or revealing her past.       
  • Her eleventh novel is called The Girl Who Loved is psychological horror about a girl who gets lost in the woods.
  • Her twelve novel is The Boogey Man is about a married women who believes her husband could be the infamous killer known as "The Boogey Man".

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  • She released her first collection of short stories called Tales from the Muses which features several short stories like Summer Rain, Lovers at Midnight, Ode to Melpomene, All Hope of Pardon to Despair, etc. It's actually one of her more lighter stories exploring themes more of love, homosexuality, and marriage.
  • Her second collection of short stories is called MacGuffin: Tales from the Wicked which is about the life and deaths of prisoners which are only refereed to by their prison members.
  • Heart-Shaped Box is her third collection of short stories including Sleeping Beauties, Thinner, The Girl Next's Door, Secret Door, The Dark Man, and Last Breath.
  • Her fourth collection of stories is called Places called Things which includes short stories like She Has Gone To Sleep While, Woman With Child, Mostly Old Men, and Dense Dance.


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