The Cruel Heart of Magdalene is the second album released by American singer-songwriter Rhiannon through GGQ and Reprise Records.  


Music and LyricsEdit

The Beginning Edit

"Thousand Eyes"

"Earthquake" is where she blames herself for the unstable state of her relationship with her lover. She acknowledges the fact that she may not have treated her man the best way and this is causing him to lose interest. In an effort to patch things up, she tells him not to leave because it’s his fault. She likens the love she has for him to an earthquake which causes her world to shake, as the title “Earthquake” denotes. It appears she may have taken him for granted in the initial stages of their bond, but later realizes that she really needs him, both physically and emotionally.

"Home With You"

"Holy Terrain"

"Mary Magdalene"

"Sad Day"

"Running Out of Time/New Magic Wand"


"Cellophane" is about the first track she wrote for the album and fresh from her break up with just then ex-boyfriend Eli Acheron and how open and visible she was around people. The song's lyrics focus on a breakup, where Rhiannon sings of her unrequited love, desperately trying to salvage her relationship despite public disapproval and the lack of reciprocation from her lover.The song has been characterised by critics as a piano ballad with additional strings, synths and a minimal beatboxed rhythm.

The Ending Edit

"Green Light" features titular metaphors; reviewers interpreted the "green light" as a street signal that gives the singer permission to move into the future. It was described by critics as an electropop, dance-pop, and post-disco song.

"I Don't Love You Anymore"

"Homemade Dynamite" in the song's lyrics, Rhiannon talks about having a feeling of euphoria at a house party with friends. Critics described "Homemade Dynamite" as a mid-tempo R&B and synth-pop song with vocal sound effects, a percussive beat, a staccato hook, electronic flourishes, sharp percussion and woozy synths.

"Liability" is described by critics as a pop piano ballad, with guitar strums and organs in the background. Rhiannon described the writing process of "Liability" as "therapeutic" as she felt that she said everything about herself that could hurt her "coming from other people". In her words, she wrote the "script to the worst possible outcome." She revealed that one line in the second verse was changed from "Every summer dream is eating me alive in the end" to "Every perfect summer's eating me alive until you're gone". Rhiannon elaborated more on the meaning behind this specific line, stating that she used the word "summer" as a metaphor for youth.

"Hard Feelings" detail the emotions of falling out of love while mocking the current generation's lengths to pretend to be unaffected by love. The track's themes center on the effects of heartbreak and social issues around love. It draws influences from genres such as industrial music, noise music, and electronica and uses a distorted synthesizer.


"A Boy Is A Gun"

"Are We Still Friends?"

"Prefect Places" is an atmospheric electropop song that blends booming bass, glimmering synths and drum machine beats. The song was inspired when she went to a house party and had a panic attack remembering that she was going to die one day while a Prince song played in the background. She would later say "Prefect Places is about the end, the end of life, the end of a party, the end of the journey so I made it the end of the album".


Part I - The Beginning Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 Thousand Eyes Rhiannon Horn, 5:00
2 Earthquake ft Horn, 3:10
3 Home With You Horn, 3:44
4 Holy Terrain ft Horn, 4:03
5 Mary Magdalene Horn, 5:21
6 Sad Day Horn, 4:15
7 Running Out of Time/New Magic Wand ft Horn, 5:72
8 Daybed Horn, 4:31
9 Cellophane Horn, 3:24
Total Length: 38:02

Part II - The Ending Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 Green Light Horn, 3:54
2 I Don't Love You Anymore ft Horn, 2:41
3 Homemade Dynamite ft Horn, 3:34
4 Liability Horn, 2:52
5 Hard Feelings Horn, 6:07
6 Puppet ft Horn. 2:59
7 A Boy Is A Gun ft Horn, 3:30
8 Are We Still Friends? ft Horn, 4:25
9 Prefect Places Horn, 3:41
Total Length: 31:43

Bonus Track Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 Help Yourself (Before You Try and Help Me) Horn, 4:01
2 Where A' Fire Love Horn, 5:14
3 To The Stars Horn, 5:01
Total Length: 14:16


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