The Young and Restless is the debut EP released by the pop rock band The Sirens and released through GGQ.

Lyrics and Composition Edit

The Young and Restless is a synth-pop and electro-rock album, drawing from the genres of dance-rock, and featuring post-punk influences. "Young Blood" is a synth-pop song, while "Nine in the Afternoon" is of the dream pop genre. "Kaleidoscope Eyes" is psychedelic rock.

Tracklisting Edit

All songs except Be Mine!, were written by Rich Haines and Rhiannon Horn, and was produced solely by Milan Sobol.

No. Title Length
1 Young Blood 4:06
2 Nine in the Afternoon 3:11
3 A Wolf in Geek's Clothing 3:14
4 Kaleidoscope Eyes 3:20
5 Be Mine! 3:26
Total Length: 16:77

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